About Grace

小火車模型 Grace Train






Grace Hotel aims not only to be a comfortable business hotel, but also one that combines art and culture into your family and life. In order to be able to fully express Taiwan's stunning landscape and precious history, we have set up a model of Taiwan’s railroad, using the train as a primer to lead our guests to the many well-known attractions.We selected the Greater Taipei and New Taipei City metropolis as the landscape, and the Eastern and the Western Railway Lines.

In the Greater Taipei area, we have included Taipei City Zoo, Maokong, Bitang, Wulai, Pinghsi, regional railways, as well as the location of Grace Hotel as representatives of tourist sites.

The Eastern Railway Line starts with the HsuehshanTunnel. From Yilan, the Jiaoxi hot springs, to the most beautiful mountain in Taiwan –Taroko Gorge in Hualien and Jhiben in Taitung. The train forges ahead, with clear, blue skies outside its windows, which set off the lush plains and rippling hills, sometimes a few herds of cattle leisurely trot in the fields between the villages. Rolling hills emerge from both sides of the mountain ridge, and sometimes, most unexpectedly the thick forest creates breath-taking scenery seen only in paintings.

The Ali mountain forest railway, with its most cultural and historical significance, highlights the Western Railway Line. To this day, its historic small train and beautiful sunrise still remain popular attraction sites. Unfortunately, many of the most memorable natural wonders, including the first generation of ancient trees have fallen with the major 921 earthquake in 1999. We deeply feel that these natural wonders must not be part of a silenced history, so we made use of the dynamic train model, which allows travelers to enjoy a different kind of journey: a travel through time.

For many, model trains are very ordinary toys, but for people who love to travel or for railway fans, the small model train serves as a moving painting, it can take them away into their dreams and through time to travel around the world.

After seeing the model train and then going to the actual attractions to visit, you will be excited to feel that you yourself are one of the small figurines in the collection!